26.04.14 - Einlass: 19.00 Uhr
VVK: 14,95 €

The Grailknights – five young men on a mission to save the holy grail! Those who drink from it will enjoy an eternal pleasure of being drunk for the rest of their life. If that isn’t a good reason to fight for the old goblet?! But evil Dr. Skull – Grailknights’ arch-enemy – is also crazy about the grail. Therefore the Grailknights have to defeat him and they do it with joy and of course with their strongest weapon – their music!

The band plays SUPERHEROMETAL – a mixture of various heroic styles of metal. Grailknights’ battles – you might call them shows – are a theatrical interplay between the band and their supporters – the Battlechoir. Fighting side by side with the Knights means party and active entertainment for everyone! The Grailknights need their Choir – without a hard partying audience the holy grail will not be reconquered.

In 2014 the Grailknights will be on tour promoting and playing their new album „Calling the Choir“.

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